Performance experts in Vilnius discussed aviation challenges  

The 4th InterFAB Performance Workshop has already taken place. This time it was hosted by the BALTIC FAB in Vilnius (Lithuania), on October 23-24, 2019. 
Performance experts from 7 countries and 5 functional airspace blocks - FABEC, BLUE MED, DANUBE FAB, FAB CE and BALTIC FAB have presented the studies performed, discussed new topics and, of course, shared best practices. 
The event featured presentations on the studies on volatility, accuracy of forecast, cost of delay, EU-US Benchmark, KPIs applicable to measure capacity as well as on the research on social and economic benefits created by air navigation services. It was highlighted the added value created by air navigation service providers to the economy and society were overviewed. Another important topic was the project on weather uncertainties. Recently, weather uncertainties have becoming an increasingly relevant issue for air navigation service providers, therefore, this project should help to disclose the extent to which weather conditions and their volatility determine the performance of air navigation service provider. 
Traditionally, the workshop partners shared their best practices on various performance-related aspects. This time FAB CE Smart procurement concept was presented. This concept is considered as an enabler for airspace defragmentation, provision of regional services using harmonized approach and cost reduction opportunity for all partners involved. 
The outcomes of InterFAB Performance Group activities are important for both aviation actors and society, that’s why this outcomes should be shared and communicated to the mentioned audiences. In this regard, Performance Group, in co-operation with InterFAB Communication Group, initiated development of the videos on EU-US Benchmark results and performance measurements in general. Both videos were presented and discussed at the workshop. Besides that, it was discussed how to ensure better interactions between Performance and Communication groups in future. 
InterFAB Performance Group aims not only at supporting planning and result measuring activities but above all - at providing ANSPs, airspace users, EC policy decision-makers as well as society with relevant data, explaining interdependencies in aviation, attracting attention to the key factors affecting air traffic and, last but not least, questioning relevance of available performance-related methodologies, KPIs, accuracy of forecasts (and, if needed, amending them or proposing others).